In the evening the whole restaurant is enlivened by the emergence of tapas. You can decide on your capabilities and the speed with which you would like them placed on your table. Or you can choose one of the large special meals. And don’t forget to ask about the specials of the day.



Marinated king olives with balsamico and honey CZK 125
Goat cheese "Bulíř" with plum jam and walnut CZK 135
Pickled fresh cheese with herbs, capers and black olives CZK 135
Sliced smoked eggplant and zucchini with tomato tomato hummus CZK 135
Beetroot tartare with ginger and coconut CZK 145
Salmon tartare with black olives and smoked crème fraîche CZK 135
Fine homemade pâté with caramelized onion CZK 145
Spanish ham serrano Gran Reserva CZK 135
Morcon iberico with roasted apple CZK 135
Pork cheeks rillet with fermented vegetable CZK 145
Beef carpaccio with truffle and cream of parmesan CZK 145



Leaf salad with marinated vegetable and roasted seeds

CZK 235



Fried cornbread green olives with jalapeños and tomato salsa CZK 145
Roasted goat cheese with salted caramel and pumpkin CZK 145
Barley risotto with shiitake mushrooms and truffle CZK 135
Traditional Raclette cheese with onion salad CZK 125
Gratinated eggplant with tomato sauce and cheese CZK 135
Roasted Padrón peppers with lemon and rough salt CZK 125
Cheese croquettes with parsley sauce CZK 135
Fillet of pikeperch with dill sauce and grilled potato CZK 145
Roasted tiger prawns with white wine, garlic and chilli CZK 145
Calamari with morcilla, apple and caraway CZK 155
Pan-fried potatoes with chorizo and onion CZK 135
Duck breast with sweet potato gratin and morel sauce CZK 145
Beef rib with spicy white beans and cream CZK 145


Onion soup with gratinated toasts with manchego cheese CZK 145
Mixed French steak tartare with smoked mayonnaise and toasts CZK 295
Beef ground chuck burger with cheddar, pancetta, caramelized onion, BBQ mayonnaise and french fries with sweet chilli dip CZK 285


Home-made beetroot bread with creamy green pepper dip CZK 55



Pistachio crème brûlée CZK 155
White nougat soufflé with cherries CZK 155
Churros with star anise sugar and warm milk chocolate CZK 155
Selection of homemade ice cream CZK 155