The lunch menu always includes soup and choice of several hot meals. The menu also includes a glass of home-made ice tea or a small beer.

Lunch menu from 22.7. 2024 to 26.7. 2024

Cream of broccoli

 7  9 


Pulled pork neck BBQ with vegetable potatoes and coleslaw salad 

  1  7  9  10  12

Chicken skewer with saffron risotto

 7  12

 Roasted cod with tomato tarhonya and caviar sauce

1  4  7  9 

Gratinated portobello with goat cheese, caponata and spicy dip of chipotle

7  12


Glass of home-made ice tee or a small beer


Price of menu CZK 230



Mango crème brûlée with ginger almonds CZK 175
White nougat soufflé with cherries CZK 175
Coconut roulade with white chocolate and pineapple CZK 175
Three flavors of homemade ice cream CZK 165