The lunch menu is served from Monday to Friday from 11 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. The lunch menu always includes soup, a choice of several hot meals and various subway sandwiches. The menu also includes a glass of home-made ice tea. In addition to the lunch menu, we also serve large special meal and desserts.

Lunch menu from 15.10. 2018 to 19.10. 2018


French onion soup with cheese



Spicy pork goulash with pasta


Chicken breast with spinach puff pastry roulade and red pepper sauce

1, 3, 7

Roasted Mahi Mahi with wasabi puree, vegetable and black olives

4, 7

Beet root pancake with ratatouille, goat cheese and parsley oil

1, 3, 7

Waldorf salad with nuts

3, 8, 9

Glass of home made ice tea included

Price of menu CZK 160



Pistachio creme brulee CZK 125
White nougat soufflé with cherries CZK 125
Dark and white chocolate with bee pollen, mint cream and cumquat CZK 125
Panna cotta with pineapple tartare, coconut ice cream and raspberry sauce CZK 125
Homemade ice cream CZK 115