You will always find a wide choice, especially of Moravian wines from the best and also from some less well-known vintners. Of imported wines, we have chosen only the most interesting. Place your order soon, there is never enough good wine.

We have beer from brewery Cvikov.

One of Italy’s favourite spirits. You can choose from at least seven kinds from the best producers.

Other information:
We are part of the Kohoutkov√° (Tap Water) project. We serve tap water without extra charge. Our further range of beverages is also worth attention. We serve home-made lemonades and excellent Danesi coffee.

Beverage and Wine List


Chardonnay (Regional wine, 2020, Velké Bílovice, Bílek) CZK 70/1 dl
Chardonnay (Regional wine, 2020, Velké Bílovice, Bílek) CZK 460/0,75 l
Pinot Gris¬†(Regional wine, 2020, Nov√Š҆aldorf, Pi√°lek & J√§ger) CZK 70/1 dl
Pinot Gris¬†(Regional wine, 2020, Nov√Š҆aldorf, Pi√°lek & J√§ger) CZK 460/0,75 l
Sauvignon (late harvest, 2020,¬†Nov√Š҆aldorf, Pi√°lek & J√§ger) CZK 540/0,75 l
Green Veltliner (VOC Znojmo, 2020, Nov√Š҆aldorf, Pi√°lek & J√§ger) CZK 480/0,75 l
Rhine Riesling¬†(late harvest,¬†2020, Mikulov, Filip Ml√Ĺnek)
CZK 580/0,75 l
Traminer (Kvevri, regional wine, 2019, Mikulov, Vican)
CZK 580/0,75 l
Pálava ( selection of grapes, 2019, Mikulov, Vican)
CZK 490/0,75 l



Merlot rosé (regional wine, 2020, Velké Bílovice, Bílek) CZK 70/1 dl
Merlot rosé (regional wine, 2020, Velké Bílovice, Bílek) CZK 460/0,75 l



Elegant cuvée (regional wine, 2018, Velké Bílovice, Bílek) CZK 460/0,75 l
Cabernet Moravia¬†(Quality wine, 2019, Nov√Ĺ Poddvorov, SŇĮkal) CZK 460/0,75 l
Pinot Noir¬†(regional wine, 2019, Mńõln√≠k, Kraus) CZK 480/0,75 l
Saint Laurent (VOC Modré Hory, 2016, Vrbice, Horák)
CZK 480/0,75 l
Cabernet Sauvignon (selection of grapes, 2017, Vrbice, Horák) CZK 580/0,75 l
Merlot¬†(barrique,¬†selection of grapes, 2019, HruŇ°ky, BeneŇ°) CZK 640/0,75 l
Maxmilian Cuvee (2018,Velké Bílovice, Bílek)
CZK 640/0,75 l
Rouńć√≠ G.C. (cuv√©e, 2016, BoŇôetice, Stapleton & Springer) CZK 840/0,75 l
Caberner (cuv√©e, 2009, ńĆejkovice, B√≠za) CZK 840/0,75 l



Gr√ľner Veltliner¬†(2020, Weinviertel, Sonnenh√ľgel, Austria) CZK 540/0,75 l
Tobelos Blanco (2019, Rioja, Spain) CZK 580/0,75 l
Verdejo (El Ilusionista, 2020, Rueda, Spain) CZK 580/0,75 l
Pinot Grigio (Zenato, 2020, Veneto, Italy) CZK 560/0,75 l
Sauvignon Blanc (Ried Sernauberg, 2020, Styria, Austria) CZK 580/0,75 l



Zweigelt¬†(2020, Sonnenh√ľgel, Weinviertel, Austria) CZK 540/0,75 l
Chianti (Riserva, 2018, Strozi, Tuscany, Italy) CZK 560/0,75 l
Reserve PM1 (2017, Masser, Styria, Austria)
CZK 660/0,75 l
Pacheco Organic (2019, Jumilla, Spain) CZK 460/0,75 l
Tempranillo-Tinta de Toro (Aleza, 2018, Toro, Spain) CZK 540/0,75 l
Ritme (2016, Priorat, Spain) CZK 740/0,75 l
Tobelos (Garnacha, 2016, Rioja, Spain) CZK 760/0,75 l
La Emperatriz (Reserva, 2014, Rioja, Spain) CZK 780/0,75 l
Valduero (Reserva, 2014, Ribera del Duero, Spain) CZK 1150/0,75 l
Cabernet Sauvignon (Directors cut, 2012, Langhorne Creek, Australia) CZK 780/0,75 l



Garnacha Rosado (Las Campanas, 2020, Navarra, Spain) CZK 560/0,75 l



Cava (Brut, Sumarroca, Spain) CZK 590/0,75 l
Cava rosado (Brut, Sumarroca, Spain) CZK 680/0,75 l
De Saint Gall (Premier Cru, brut, Champagne, France) CZK 1450/0,75 l


HOT DRINKS All coffees are also available decaf.

Espresso CZK 55
Espresso doppio CZK 65
Cappuccino CZK 60
Latte CZK 70
Flat White CZK 70
Choice of Althaus teas CZK 70
Fresh mint tea CZK 70
Fresh ginger tea CZK 70
Hot chocolate made with milk CZK 75



Home made ice tea with mint CZK 85/0,5 l
Home made lemonade with mint CZK 85/0,5 l
Home made apricot lemonade with cherries CZK 85/0,5 l
Home made ginger limonade CZK 85/0,5 l
Mattoni sparkling, fine sparkling CZK 48/0,33 l
Mattoni Grand CZK 85/0,75 l
Mattoni still CZK 48/0,33 l
Mattoni Grand still CZK 85/0,75 l
  CZK /0,33 l
Orangina CZK 48/0,25 l
Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero CZK 55/0,33 l
  CZK /0,33 l
Thomas Henry tonic water CZK 60/0,25 l
Choice of fruit juices Granini CZK 48/0,2 l
Red Bull CZK 65/0,25 l



Kl√≠ńć 12¬į- unfiltered, Cvikov Brewery CZK 36/0,3 l
Kl√≠ńć 12¬į- unfiltered, Cvikov Brewery CZK 52/0,5 l
Bernard dark¬†12¬į, bottle CZK 60/0,5 l
Bernard (nonalcoholic), bottel CZK 45/0,5 l
Pale Ale (nonalcoholic), bottel CZK 65/0,33 l
Meisels Weisse (nonalcoholic), bottel CZK 60/0,33 l
Plum Bernard, bottel CZK 45/0,33 l
Cider CZK 80/0,33 l



Kir CZK 65/1dl
Martini bianco, rosso, dry CZK 80/1dl
Campari bitter CZK 70/4cl
Aperol CZK 70/4 cl
Sherry dry seco, medium dry CZK 70/4 cl
Porto tawny CZK 80/4 cl
Ricard Pastis CZK 80/4 cl
San Bitter - nonalcoholic CZK 55/1 dl



Becherovka CZK 70/4 cl
Fernet Stock, Citrus, Zen CZK 60/4 cl
Absinth CZK 90/4 cl
Jägermeister CZK 65/4 cl
Amaretto Disaronno CZK 80/4 cl
Baileys CZK 80/4 cl
Sambuca CZK 80/4 cl
Limoncello CZK 80/4 cl



Curvoisier V.S.O.P. CZK 100/4 cl
Hennessy Fine CZK 120/4cl
Martell Cordon Bleu CZK 250/4 cl
Metaxa***** CZK 70/4 cl
Calvados Boulard CZK 100/4 cl
Slivovice (plum brandy) CZK 70/4 cl
Williams (pear brandy) CZK 90/4 cl



Russkij Standard CZK 70/4 cl
Wyborowa CZK 70/4 cl
Grey Goose CZK 100/4 cl
Tequila Olmeca Silver, Reposado CZK 80/4 cl
Beefeater CZK 70/4 cl
Tanqueray CZK 80/4 cl



Bacardi Superior CZK 80/4 cl
Havana Club bianco CZK 80/4 cl
Captain Morgan Spiced CZK 80/4 cl
Malteco Reserva Maya CZK 120/4 cl
Zacapa 23 anos CZK 140/4 cl
Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva CZK 140/4 cl
Metusalem Gran Reserva CZK 170/4 cl
Dictador 20 years CZK 150/4 cl



Sibona Chardonnay CZK 60/2 cl
Po di Poli Moscato CZK 80/2 cl
Merlot Nonino CZK 75/2 cl
Marzadro 43¬į CZK 75/2 cl
Sarpa di Poli CZK 75/2 cl
Marolo di Barbera CZK 85/2 cl
Marolo di Barolo CZK 95/2 cl
Marolo di Amarone CZK 95/2 cl



Johnnie Walker red CZK 75/4 cl
Jameson CZK 75/4 cl
Chivas Reagal CZK 85/4 cl
Jack Daniels tenessee CZK 85/4 cl
Laphroaig 10 y.o. CZK 110/4 cl
Cragganmore 12y.o. CZK 120/4 cl
Glenkinchie 12 y.o. CZK 120/4 cl